Our Philosophy

At Footprint we are dedicated to creating high quality music and sports entertainment content for China. We aim to integrate brands and their messages with unique localized content to produce exciting user experiences and directly connect with their existing lifestyle. We strongly believe in education and are passionate towards helping guide the Chinese to discover new ideas, increase their brand loyalty and unlock the minds of these future free thinkers.

We understand the unique opportunity that lies before us to tap into a market that has deep-rooted cultural ideals, while simultaneously emerging into a new world view that combines their ancient history with today's modern society. It is this unique fusion that points our focus towards the Chinese youth demographic.

There can be new ways of accomplishing old objectives. Working in China is like painting on a blank canvas, and we have the privileged opportunity to add some permanent strokes. While the old ways of the entertainment industry are deteriorating, Footprint is committed to thinking out of the box and creating new business models to monetize entertainment content and preserve the inherent value of art in today's technology driven world.

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